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Sissification SF

Decadent feminization services in San Francisco

Develop your inner girl!

Femininity is a performance that anyone can learn, but biological women have decades of training, beginning at birth. That process can be sped up with specific lessons, tips on what to observe when you're out and about, and the guidance of a beautiful, feminine mistress!

Lessons include:

  • Posture and Posing - develop a feminine stance and shape; learn pin-up poses for pictures
  • Feminine Breathing - how to enhance your feminine silhouette with breathing techniques
  • Walking in Heels - learn to give off different vibes (sexy, innocent, confident, chic) with your gait
  • Make-up (Beginner to Advanced) - learn what to buy and where and how to use it to look your best
  • Fashion Sense - discover which clothes are best for your style and shape
  • Depilation for Feminization - an overview of different options and practical application
  • Body Sculpting - guidance through corsets, shapewear, and padding
  • Seduction - learn to seduce men and women with feminine energy