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Sissification SF

Decadent feminization services in San Francisco

Location: Maison de la Maitresse, in the heart of San Francisco
Availability: Daily from noon to 10:00 pm, book in advance
Rates: $200-$300 per hour
Limitations: No sex

Is a deposit required?
I require deposits from new clients with no references from pro dominatrixes or dressing services. They are made in the form of an gift certificate. More information upon booking.

Do I need to bring my own clothes, make-up, etc.?
While la Maison has a well-equipped wardrobe, I always recommend having items that you know fit you and match your coloring. However, you can also walk in with nothing more than a sense of adventure!

What sizes are in the wardrobe?
8 to 18, with a few items that are larger or smaller. Most shoes are male size 7-11.

What type of clothes are available?
Just about everything, including evening gowns, club wear, maid uniforms, adult baby wear, business attire, and more! Make-up, jewelry, wigs, lingerie, hosiery, shoes, gloves, breastforms, and more are well stocked.

Is there a shower on site?
A shower and tub are available both for sprucing up before we get started and for cleaning up afterward. Make-up removal towelettes and eye make-up remover are also available to help remove any telling smudges.