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Sissification SF

Decadent feminization services in San Francisco

Don't dream it, be it!

Fantasy sessions are less focused on education than my Dressing Service and Femininity Training Course.

Role play is usually involved, and I am usually in a dominant role, though I will switch for the right gurl!

While your imagination is the only limit, I particularly enjoy the following scenarios.

Femme Slave Be my submissive toy as I dominate and subdue you with feminine energy. These scenes can begin with you in your masculine or feminine role.

Role Reversal While you're playing the femme, I'm happy to wear the pants (and the strap-on!) in the relationship! This scenario is often forceful, but can also be sensual and playful for those who need no excuse to don panties and a wig.

Courtesan Beautiful service-oriented sissies are prime candidates for becoming a western courtesan or eastern geisha.

School Girl Dressed in your uniform, you will have the full benefit of being under my tutelage, including strict discipline for misbehavior!

Maid Are your petticoats straight? Does that cup of tea pass muster? Have you cleaned every last nook and cranny of my home? As my maid, you will be under constant observation. Training from the Head Housekeeper is also available for inexperienced maids. The Pennyroyal Maid Academy offers long distance training for sissy maids.

Adult Baby I have a very maternal air and diaper dominance is one of my main areas of interest. I have so many sweet little outfits I'd love to dress you in after bath time! And is there anything cuter than a pink-clad, ruffle-drenched little adult baby girl? Visit for a more personalized experience.