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Sissification SF

Decadent feminization services in San Francisco

Dress to impress!

Dressing can be simply for our own pleasure, to prepare you for a solo night out, or to take a few quick photos with your own camera.

Dressing sessions take on the intimate air of two girls getting ready for a night on the town. I will usually be in lingerie or a satin robe and you will start off in the same. After all, we don't want to get make-up all over your dress!

I've been working with professional make-up artists (MUAs) for years and have brushes and a large collection of make-up, though I suggest you bring your own eyeliner and mascara for sanitary reasons.

While dressing, I'll also offer advice on what I think would best compliment your shape, coloring, and personal style. This advice is very useful in defining your femme self and it's also nice to just talk about you for a while!