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Mistress Trains Her Sissy - Penny Barber & Riley Kilo

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Your little cocklette already belongs to me, sissy, and now I want your cute little ass, too, so Iím going to claim itĖand youíre going to obey every little command I give you because you donít just need to be fucked. You need to be owned and trained to be My little slut. (10:28, MP3)
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The Sissy Chateau Series

Welcome to the Chateau $10
Mistress Penny welcomes you to the Sissy Chateau, explains the rules, tells you what sort of punishments will be used on you, and *exactly* what a lady's maid is before dismissing you. (7:18, MP3)
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Servicing the Mistress $10
Mistress Penny has a task for you and it's going to mess up all your lipstick. She tells you what a slut you are as she cums right in your pretty little face, telling you to stroke your clitty stick. (6:09, MP3)
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Forced Milking $8
Mistress Penny tells you how you'll be kept in chastity and how you can get out. Then she forces you to stroke your little sissy clit for her amusement. The more you cum, the more you love serving the Mistress! (5:04, MP3)
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Washing the Mistress's Panties $9
Mistress Penny tells you exactly how to wash her panties. She likes watching you wash her cute little panties so much that she reaches up under your uniform and... (5:58, MP3)
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Sissy Vow $3
Take out a pen and pretty piece of paper to write down the rhyming sissy vow. You'll be expected to memorize it! (2:12, MP3)
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Date Night $13
Mistress Penny decides to reward you for being such a good girl. She's arranged a little rendezvous for you. Hope you like submissive studs with big cocks! But first she gives you a nice, cleansing enema. (9:51, MP3)
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A Real Girl $8
Mistress Penny has big plans for you. She's going to turn you into a sexy, feminine fuck toy--with one little exception. She talks about all the things you'll be able to do as a girl that you can't do as a boy. What a lucky girl you are! (4:42, MP3)
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Chastisement $9
You just can't do anything right, but Mistress Penny knows how to deal with lazy, stupid maids like you. You stand before her as she notes your shortcomings in the punishment book. She binds you and prepares to cane you. (5:37, MP3)
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