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Mistress Trains Her Sissy - Penny Barber & Riley Kilo

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My ideal sissy is submissive, sweet, and devoted. She will do anything she is told not only because she wants to please Me, but because deep down she really wants to be a good girl. She knows that there's nothing better than seeing Me smile and the joy I can give her if she obeys every command, no matter how embarrassing or emasculating.

I receive applications from sissies anxious to enter My service on a daily basis. However, only a few of them really have what it takes to be My sissy slut. If you think you do have something of value to offer Me, you can do so online or in real life. Otherwise, begin your training by watching My sissification videos and listening to My MP3s.

Listen to My sissification podcast below to learn more about how I sissify and feminize males.

Mistress Penny Barber on Sissification

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